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UC Concepts is a company of range and choice and we are proud to present a category with that in mind. Our janitorial products are sourced from the best and biggest companies that specialize it janitorial products. companies such as Oates clean offer a great range of quality mops, buckets, brush-were, various scrubbers and brushes and microfiber products which include microfiber flat mops and various cloths for all the uses you may possibly need. a company such s Rubbermaid offer incredible quality and durability in products like janitor carts of every type and kind some are suited for cleaning jobs and some are for hospitality and medical industries. Hotels will love the increased productivity when using the Rubbermaid janitor carts, linen and skip carts. Company such as pall mall is an expert in lobby pans, magic sponges and more in the Jaitorial category and they bring a wide spectrum of experience to the field of janitorial cleaning supplies. If you are a business that does its own cleaning and simply need mops, buckets, cloths, carts, bins dusters or coution signs in your store room of if you are a cleaning business established or just starting up. you can rely on UC Concepts to be your partner in supply of all your cleaning needs.